• PAIHO Digital Woven Fabric/Upper - Available for Multiple Finishes (ex. Waterproof)
  • PAIHO Molded Hook Combination – with Powerful Peeling and Adhesion Strength
  • Multiple Color Webbings by Digital Printing
  • 3D Touchable Lace Tip/Aglet
  • PAIHO Digital Woven Fabric/Upper – Available for Multiple Color Design
Category: Products Published: Thursday, 08 October 2015 Written by Paiho



【TSB Braiding Series】

  1. 1.It is easy to change the patterns and texture of braided shoelaces.
  2. 2.Paiho offers variable width braided shoelaces with creative patterns to be used for shoes and garments.

    【IK Series】

  3. 1.IK flat shoelace is piece-dyed, soft and does not loosen easily.
  4. 2.The IK series can be processed with sublimation printing or reflective laminating.

  5. 【SBR Rubber String & Waxed Shoelace Series】

  6. 1.Characters can be printed on the round, elastic rubber string to demonstrate brand quality.
  7. 2.Waxed shoelace has level 3 – 3.5 color fastness.

    【Jacquard & webbing with broad & narrow width Series】

  8. 1.The flat or round Jacquard shoelace can enhance brand value.
  9. 2.The shoelace with broad & narrow width is beautiful and can slightly colorfastness to water shear strength. The width is adjustable.

  10. 【Reflective Series】

  11. 1..Paiho has recently launched four reflective champagne colors, which have the same brightness as silver color and up to 500CPL.
  12. 2.Reflective and fashionable, the reflective cord can be applied to shoes and also garments.

    【Eco-yarn Series】

  13. 1.Paiho uses two kinds of eco-friendly materials: natural and recycled materials.
  14. 2.Made from recycled PET bottles.

    【Suedette Series】

  15. 1.The string, which looks and feels like leather, can be applied to leather shoes, sneakers, women’s shoes and draw cord for garments.
  16. 2.Suedette lace has 1.3 – 1.5 times the anti-slip effect of regular oval-shaped shoelace (its anti-loosening strength is 2 – 2.5kg; regular SL001’s is 1.5kg).

    【SL001 Oval】

  17. 1.The traditional oval Lace has good tensil strength and high abrasion.
  18. 2.SL001 has a good anti-slip quality and does not easily loosen.

    【Printed Shoelace & Sublimation Printing Series】

  19. 1.The shoelace can look more colorful and fashionable by printing the trade mark or patterns on it.
  20. 2.Printed shoelace has at least level 4 color fastness to wash and sublimation printed shoelace has level 3.5 and up.

    【Pull Strings for Backpacks】

  21. 1.The woven and braided strings designed specifically for sports bags with water proof and high abrasion.
  22. 2.The 10mm woven string has colorful or reflective effects and can be used to decorate on backpacks.

    【E-LOCK III – Dragonfly Shoelace】

  23. 1.The reverse strength of the buckle to prevent the shoelace from getting loose during vigorous exercise.
  24. 2.The third generation E-LOCK is cheaper and easier to use. Its buckle can endure at least 15kg of strength and is suitable for children’s shoes or jogging, hiking and golf shoes.


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