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  •  Far-infrared ray:
    Far-infrared ray (FIR), a kind of infrared ray with wavelength of 4–14μm, is also known as “the light of life” because its wavelength is the same as that of organisms. Its thermal effect can keep the body warm and promote blood circulation, thereby offering a health promotion effect.
  •  Deodorizing:
    Activated bamboo charcoal has a considerable amount of pores. When combined with Paiho’s porous materials, it can effectively eliminate unpleasant smells up to 70–99%.
  •  Dyeable:
    Differing from regular black or grey bamboo charcoal series, this product can be dyed.
  •  Quickdry:The +-shaped cross-section fiber can not only expel sweat quickly but also feels softer than its counterparts.

  •  Tight-fitting clothes:
    Tight-fitting bamboo charcoal clothes used to have limited color selection options, but now with dyeable white bamboo charcoal yarn, any color is possible. Its quickdry quality also makes tight-fitting clothes more diversified.
  •  Sportswear:
    White bamboo charcoal yarn’s deodorizing, FIR and quickdry effects make it even more suitable for sportswear.
  •  Underwear:
    Comfortable, beautiful, light and quickdry, white bamboo charcoal underwear can eliminate unpleasant smells and keep body warm. It is also easy to wash and makes you feel carefree.
  •  Accessories:
    White bamboo charcoal yarn can also be applied to hats, socks and gloves, etc.
  •  Suggested amount of yarn:
    40% and up.




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