Category: Products Published: Friday, 09 October 2015 Written by Paiho
A variety of environmental problems, such as deforestation, water and soil pollution, disappearance of local rainforests, the hazard of dioxin, global warming, the destroyed ozone layer, the lack of fossil fuels, and acidic soil, has prompted human beings to face nature’s protests.                                           


pro_recycled_01.jpg pro_recycled_02.jpg pro_recycled_03.jpg pro_recycled_04.jpg pro_recycled_06.jpg
  •  Recycling process:recycled PET bottles  pressed bottle bricks
  • ​ Bottle crushing process:white bricks, green bricks and oil bricks crushing ► washing ► selecting (separating from impurities)► PET flake dehydration ►  drying  ►  packaging
  • ​ Pelletizing process:drying melting flake and cutting ► crystallized recycled PET pellets ► fiber


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