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3H high quality reflective materials with high brightness

​  The Venus Multiple Color Reflective Series reaches the brightness level of 500CPL and meets EN471 and CNS4345 standards.
​  The   Series’ reflective effect will not be substantially impaired due to a wider angle of incidence.
​  Hidden reflective logos will not fade after washing and can be customized.
​  The   Series can be applied to shoes, garments’ piping, webbings and many other areas.


【3H High-Brightness Champagne Series - Reflective Film】

  1. 1.Paiho’s newly launched film with highly bright reflection in 4 new champagne colors; brightness equivalent to silver color. It can reflect light coming from any angle, with an average reflective effect of 500 CPL (at least 350 CPL is guaranteed).
    2.Colors available in Gold, Red, Blue, Black and Silver. All in width of 40”, 50 yards/roll.
    3.Transfer film and transcription film also come in the five colors above.
    4.Color deviation may occur on film from different batch numbers or when patterns are transferred to different base materials.

  2. 【3H Reflective Stripes】

  3. 1.The reflective stripes have varied designs of new concepts; the front and sides have different colors.
    2.The stripes give off multiple reflective colors, fulfilling both safety and fashion purposes.

    【Elastic Reflective Stripes】

  4. 1.The elastic reflective stripes can be applied to elastic clothing. The side color is changeable and differs from its reflective color, fulfilling both safety and fashion purposes.
    2.The stripes can be used for single-side or double-side reflection, and processed with print or laser.

    【Reflective Webbings】

  5. 1.The reflective webbings come in different styles and designs.
    2.Besides reflection, the webbings can also be processed with noctilucence to ensure safety at night whether or not there is light.

    【Multi-Layered Film】

  6. 1.The multi-layered film gives off 7 different colors when seen from different angles
    2.The 3M multi-layered film comes in blue CM592 and pink CM500 series and has various specifications for selection.

    【Reflective Trademark】

  7. Reflective or noctilucence film can be applied to enhance the reflective effect of 3D TPU transferred trademark.


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