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pro_thermal_01.jpg    Taiwan Paiho worked with the Material Research Laboratories, ITRI, to develop a light and thin thermal insulation “BamCoalTex”. The material’s rate of moisture content is less than 1%, and it still retains its thermal effect even when it is wet.


When a certain amount of air is retained between your body and warm clothes, the temperature of the air will gradually rise even when the exterior environment is bitterly cold.
BamCoalTex helps to keep our body warm by conserving our body heat in the spaces of numerous charcoal particles on the fiber.
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  •  Sub-micron bamboo charcoal particles are added to polyester to absorb body heat into their superfine pores. The thermal effect is superior to that of feather and man-made fiber of all kinds.
  •  Wash-resistant, free from deformation, light and fine texture.
  •  BamCoalTex’ s hollow staple fiber can enhance thermal effect by 10% – 15%.



  • pro_thermal_05.jpg
     Apparel, snow jackets, jackets and coats
  • ​ Gloves, shoes and shoe pads
  • ​ Sleeping bags and bedding







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