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【For Garments】

  1. 1.Paiho webbings use eco-friendly dyes without azo or heavy metals.
  2. 2.Webbings are soft and suitable for garments, sportswear and underwear.
  3. 3.The knitted webbings are highly breathable with various patterns.

 【For Shoes】

  1. 1.Paiho offers a variety of webbing for shoes, such as brilliant, luxurious and geometric styles.
  2. 2.Made of nylon woolly yarn, the webbings can be wash-resistant.

【3D Webbings】

In 2008, Paiho created a series of concept products with the latest webbing designs: Shadow Series SDO-100, which adopts 3D layer weaving and screen printing to create overlapping characters.

【B-Swan Wide/Narrow Handle Strap】

  1. 1.With 20 years of professional experience, Paiho created and patented its variable width one-piece handle strap to provide the best option for the industry.
  2. 2.The ratio of wide to narrow bands is 2.5 to 1, and the C/D length can be adjusted to customers’ requirements.
  3. 3.The maximum diameter for round handle straps is φ10mm.
  4. 4.The B-Swan series is suitable for the handles of bags or the uppers of sports sandals.

【Print on Micro-Fiber Webbing】

1.Paiho has developed sublimation print on micro-fiber webbing, which are soft, wash-test (level 4) and suitable for garments, gift packaging, pets’ leashes, and stationery.
2.Printing mold can be designed by customers’, and patterns can be repeated as 50 cm/per cycle.

Silicone Webbings

1.Paiho webbings are spread with eco-friendly silicone, slip-resistant and not easy to peel off; suitable for garment lining and waistbands.
2.Silicone spread: 3-40mm wide and can be spread in an S-shape; heat resistance:-25oC ~100oC。
3.The eco-friendly and toxic-free silicone ink does not contribute to secondary pollution. With special printing technology, it can be used to create embossed patterns.

Printed Webbings

1.Paiho adopts Japan’s accurate positioning continual screen printing machines that offer stable quality, precise printing and accurate color process.
2.Paiho launched toxic-free thermochromatic webbings this season. Simply touch the webbing and its color will change from pink to white. It can be applied to garments, shoes, sporting goods, and gifts.



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